Escuela de Biodanza Zaragoza Sistema Rolando Toro - Zaragoza

Biodanza in Clay (English version) 2017

* 28, 29, 30 y 31 de julio de 2017: Barronautas. A journey though the mystery and deep fusion with Nature. In Sorzano. La Rioja (SPAIN).

* 3, 4, 5, 6 y 7 de agosto de 2017: ‘Biodanza Extension in Clay’. Oficial Training International Biocentric Foundation. Sorzano. La Rioja (SPAIN).

* 16, 17, 18 y 19 de agosto de 2017:  ‘Biodanza Extension in Clay’. Oficial Training International Biocentric Foundation. Tel Aviv (ISRAEL). 


We offer two different workshops in Biodanza in Clay. The first one is called ‘Barronautas. A journey though the mystery and deep fusion with Nature'. The second one is ‘Biodanza Extension in Clay’. Oficial Training International Biocentric Foundation.

*Place: Sorzano (La Rioja), Spain. We will be staying in the same place in which the workshops take place in a rural lodging called ‘El molino de Sorzano’. It is surrounded by nature and next to a small stream which provides a great advantage in working with the clay.

*Professor: Augusto Madalena, Director of ‘School of Biodanza Zaragoza’, Biodanza Facilitator, and Teacher.

*Language: The workshops will be given in Spanish but there will be people there who are going to translate it in English. In the Extension, documentation will be given in English to those who do not speak Spanish.

*Number of spots: 28 people in each workshop.

*Accommodations: This is included in the price of the workshop and there will be two common spaces with bunk beds to encourage group work and natural, communal living. Also, it will be possible to camp outside if you bring a tent with you. Bathrooms are shared.

*Food: Food is not included. However, the kitchen with a fridge and all necessary cooking items will be available. Each person should bring with them their own food. It is encouraged to cook in a group favouring the integration of oneself and sharing in a natural way. There are supermarkets in the neighbouring towns.

*Recommendation: Bring with you a swim suit or bikini and clothing that you don’t mind getting stained (the clay will dye clothing).

*For more information and registration:

1.- Barronautas. A journey thought the mistery and the deep fusion with the Nature:

We invite you to a workshop to indulge in serenity, to disconnect from time and space, to remodel yourself and others through powder - earth - clay. Leave an imprint of your life, dreams, and realities on the earth. Clay is the earth, feeling, trance, instinct, reality. The experience is putting into the clay what we feel and express. An invitation to taste, feel and sense trance through clay, re-shaping yourself through others, a memorable experience. Where the experience of paradise on earth is possible.

2.- 'Biodanza Extension in Clay'. Oficial training International Biocentric Foundation:

- A therapeutic and educational application: The use of clay as an instrument in Biodanza.

- Clay work in different group contexts: Children, adults, and specific cases.

- Liquid clay: Rehabilitation of the bodily sense. Ecstasy and kinesthetic pleasure. Fusion with wholeness. A link to the essential.

- Moldable clay: Artistic creation. Art and identity. Creative ecstasy.

- Clay in the 4 Elements: Earth, air, water, and fire.

- Baptism in Clay: Rituals in Biodanza and Clay. Phenomenology of the emotions in Biodanza and Clay.

Augusto Madalena, expert in this Extension, teaches the distinct ways to work with solid and liquid clay and the use of the clay pool. He will also demonstrate the Biodanza exercises to be used with different groups (education, children, the elderly, specific groups, etc.) as well as their application in Nature. Moreover, from theoretical material, he will share the music used in this Extension and suggestions for developing weekend workshops and Biovacations. 

This workshop is directed to Biodanza students that are in the process of training and for those that are already facilitators. This extended training would enable you to lead workshops in clay by yourself.